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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Princess of Mars: First Idea Pitch

This is the first pass for my take on the "A Princess of Mars" story by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I wanted to depict sort of a cowboy western feel mixed with Asian elements (gun fighting and swordplay), but also wanted to create a very dramatic atmosphere what with enormous enemies and barren environments.
I've been given the go-ahead to use this for my end of term final, but seeing as how we need 3 more idea pitches, I think I'm going to try to tackle Fahrenheit 451 next and see which direction I want to go.


  1. the thark designs are so killer. they look so brutal, but their back arms seem a little tacked on, not fully integrated in their anatomy. better than I can do though...

    1. Thank you! Yeah, maybe I should of thought that part out a bit more haha