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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Robocop Redesign

Some initial design work for my RoboCop redesign. Making a 15 inch sculpted maquette out of our design!! Not too happy with all the details and I haven't put much thought into all the little aspects of the suit; just hoping I'll be able to flesh all that stuff out once I start sculpting..

Will upload this post with more stuff from this project in the coming term! a little nervous though because I always seem to run into problems and make mistakes in the early stages of assignments where I have to physically make things.... Please be good to me this time life!!


  1. looks gooood dont really like the cable thing connected to his gun though

    1. Yeah I think I might get rid of it, everyone thinks it's a tail hahaha

    2. wait.. so its not supposed to be a tail? jk haha XD